A powerful solution to the pension problem.


Our team of seasoned experts devised a method to use insurance as a new asset class to solve pension underfunding, creating a solution that wasn't just a static "best guess," but rather a powerful dyanamic solution. After extensive analysis and development, Epiphany® began to emerge. Epiphany® went through significant development and growth in order to become a sophisticated, dynamic solution, and we now have a patent for the algorithms and techniques that we have developed.

Some of the unique technologies within Epiphany® are:

Mortality & Longevity Modeling
By using custom algorithms, we create predictive mortality and longevity modeling to more closely match the characteristics of your target population. This leads to greater predictability and more accurate financial modeling.

Dynamic Carrier Ratings & Ranking with Premium Optimization
This algorithm eliminates the inefficiency of the traditional pricing and selection process and yields a solution that has been shown to be 10% -15% more cost effective. Over the life of the client program, these dollar amounts provide significant saving and cost justifications.

Financial Analysis & Modeling
It's been well publicized that the "baby boomers" have inadequate savings, which means they cannot retire as early as their parents did. With the recent stock market decline, many of those that had saved for retirement saw their portfolios lose 40% or more. As a result, many will need to work beyond the standard retirement age. This will drive up the average cost of wages and benefits, squeezing the bottom line.

Additional Epiphany® Features

Expected Contribution Rate Reduction (ECRR)
Facilitates the reduction of the actuarially required funding, e.g. from 8% to 6% annually.

Pension Contribution Deferment (PCD)
During difficult budgetary times, the regular annual pension contribution, as well as “catch up” contributions for unfunded years, can be a significant burden. This option allows the client to free up much needed funds by foregoing a number of annual contributions.

Epiphany® Proceeds Management (EPM)
Pensions may manage and reinvest the proceeds from the Epiphany® program themselves or they may participate in a guaranteed rate of return program. In this program, proceeds from Epiphany® are managed by one of our "top tier" financial partners, resulting in reduced investment risk and volatility, with stable returns.